About Us

Hope Uniform and Security Products was originally established as Hope Uniform Company, Inc. by brothers Fred C. and Constantino W. “Gus” Belverio in 1966.

Fred and Gus learned the trade as teenagers while working for their father, Constantino Belverio, at his sewing factory in Newark, New Jersey. They later went into partnership with their father in Bloomfield, New Jersey. In 1966, the two brothers ventured out to Hope, New Jersey, where they had a pair of houses built on family-owned property – one of which featured a high-ceilinged basement designed specifically to accomodate a sewing shop. Beginning with contract work, making Post Office uniforms, and cutting breeches for their father, Hope Uniform Company was born.

Over the next decade, Fred and Gus expanded their customer base by sending out fliers and building a strong reputation throughout the industry by word-of-mouth, which eventually enabled them to begin manufacturing their own line of uniforms. By 1981 the size of their operation forced them to relocate their cutting department to a garage in their second house, and three years later, they purchased and moved their entire operation to a sewing shop in nearby Columbia, New Jersey.

Nearly 20 years later, Fred and Gus began to seek ways for their business to continue to thrive following their eventual retirement. They decided to sell the company to A. Rifkin Co. – a longtime security bag manufacturer located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania – on the condition that the operations remain in place and their customers continue to be served. On May 1, 2013, Hope Uniform Company, Inc. officially joined the A. Rifkin Co. family and was renamed Hope Uniform and Security Products. The company would later move to its current home in Roseto, Pennsylvania on July 13, 2015.

Today, Hope Uniform and Security Products continues to be one of the nation’s top manufacturers of high-quality, Class “A” uniforms for police and corrections officers, fire and rescue, and honor guard members across the country. The company specializes in producing custom-made jackets and trousers while also carrying numerous items in stock. In addition, it now offers a wide selection of security products.

About A. Rifkin Co.

Founded in 1892, A. Rifkin Co. is a family-owned manufacturer and international distributor of security and multi-use reusable fabric lock bag systems and related products. Located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, they are the US leader in reusable fabric security bank bags for the banking industry. Their product line includes locking night deposit bags, courier bags, cash/money bags, and other banking supplies such as GPS asset tracking devices. In addition to the banking industry, they also provide top-quality security products for government, retail, library, election, and commercial markets.

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